About Us

About Us


Our Mission

STF Group is a clean technologies company focused on selling solar PV, energy storage systems, and energy efficient products to commercial, industrial, municipal, and utility customers. Our aim is to help our clients achieve their sustainability goals by lowering their carbon footprint, and to achieve lower operational cost by lowering the cost per kWh, electricity usage and delivery charges.

Our Products

C&I and Municipality Solar

Harnessing solar energy to power your business is a great way to cut energy costs, and lower your carbon footprint. STF provides technical planning & modeling, detailed financial analysis & reports and rebate processing.

Utility Solar

STF plans to develop, own and operate utility scale solar generation facilities.

Solar Carport

We supply and design small low-cost solar carports, larger solar car parks

Energy Storage Systems

STF is the designer and developer of The EGG, EGG mini and EGG+, a line of clean energy storage systems.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Systems will provide 40-80% of a building hot water needs using only the heat from the sun and the remaining 20-60% demand with a back-up source of energy.

Off Grid Solar Tracking Systems

Perfect for infrastructure development and creating a safe environment on roadways, at schools, in parks, and other public areas. The off-grid lights require zero trenching for wired and grid-connectivity and instead, our light posts are equipped with battery packs.

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